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Bowman Probe

double ended
140mm overall length

size 00-0
Cat. #59-0200

size 1-2
Cat. #59-0202

size 3-4
Cat. #59-0204

size 5-6
Cat. #59-0206

size 7-8
Cat. #59-0208

set of 5
Cat. #58-0220

Storz  E4201  E4202  E4203  E4204  E4205
Xomed  37-40075  37-40076  37-40077  37-40078  37-40079
Martin  35-224-00  35-224-12  35-224-34  35-224-56  35-224-78
VMueller  OP7020-300  OP7020-012  OP7020-034  OP7020-056  OP7020-078
Jarrit  360-281  360-282  360-283  360-284  360-285
KStorz  634840