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The HighLight is a versatile, high output LED light system, when set in Continuous Mode produces a brilliant constant light to view the swallowing process through a flexible scope.  Packaged with the Medical EDA Software system and DigiCam and Ergo-Flex Nasopharyngoscope, you now have the ideal portable FEES system that also gives you video stroboscopy.  Your laptop is all you need.


Switch the HighLight to Strobo Mode and the system, with its sensitive contact microphone, extracts a patient's fundamental phonation frequency and digitally transforms the data into precisely synchronized flashes of light for conducting Videostroboscopy.  The LED module replaces the old style costly flashing light bulb, saving money over the life of ownership.  The module attaches to endoscopes with a universal light cable interface.  Additionally it can be used as a routine endoscopic light source and will blend seamlessly into most existing office video systems.  HighLight performs stroboscopy in slow motion (out of phase) and stationary (in phase).  In "auto" the unit automatically calculates the fundamental frequency and synchronizes the light pulses.  If a patient has a specific pathology the "manual" mode can be selected and the HighLight will produce light pulses at a specified frequency.  A spectrogram screen can be displayed to evaluate the harmonic content.  The laryngeal stroboscopy function allows for reimbursement in accordance with CPT code 31579