Horus+ HD Video Otoscope


Title: Horus+ HD Video Otoscope

The Horus+ HD Video Otoscope captures and records High Definition (1080p) still images and streaming video.  This unique system utilizes the latest in High Definition imaging technology and incorporates it into a user friendly hand-held device.

Still images and videos are simply captured with just the touch of a button and can be transferred seamlessly to a laptop or PC.  These images and videos can easily be archived for later viewing.

With the addition of a Wi-Fi transfer card, still images and video can be streamed wirelessly to a tablet or PC.

Each scope comes in a case and includes a charger, USB transfer cable, and a sample pack of disposable specula.  The otoscope itself is able to use disposable Welch Allyn® or Heine specula in both adult and pediatric sizes.

The Horus+ HD Video Otoscope is the ultimate in quality, portability, and ergonomics all built into one.

Horus+ HD Video Otoscope Literature

Cat. #39-7405