Lyric® Equipment Package #2

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Lyric® Equipment Package #2 consists of the following:

Manual L Chair

Spin Lift Stool

VDC Loupe

Base Instrument Set



L Chair

This patient chair incorporates a fixed back and adjustable headrest providing the stability required for cerumen management and deep canal fittings while giving your practice the professional appearance you require.

The "L" chair rotates 360° and locks firmly in any desired postion.  It is available in a manual pump base or motorized base for height adjustments.

Custom Stool

The "Custom" doctor's stool provides a high level of comfort with 3-1/2 inches of multiple layers of different foam densities for unsurpassed comfort.  The 16 inch diameter seat is supported by a five-leg base with twin-wheel casters.  These stools are available in a standard spin lift height adjustable models in pneumatic height adjustable models.



VDC Loupe

The "VDC" loupe stystem utilizes the latest in LED technology to provide powerful, long lasting coaxial illumination for the surgical grade oculars.  This loupe/illumination system is designed specifically for ear examinations and incorporates "visual depth control" optics providing extremely improved visual contrast, depth of field and edge acuity.  The system includes the loupe system, rechargeable lithium ion battery pack, AC charger, and storage case.



This collection of surgical grade instruments provides the base for performing the necessary cerumen management and retraction for the placement of deep canal hearing instruments.

It consists of:

  • Gruber specula sizes 1,2, & 3
  • Buck dull curettes sizes 0 & 1
  • A micro alligator forceps
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