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VSS Camera System

The VSS Camera System begins within a small single platform and the integration of our finest single-chip camera with an extremely bright built-in LED light source. The camera’s simple operation controlling color balance, window size, and a special electronic filter for minimizing the moiré effects on flexible optics makes it a favorite. The patented quick-switch camera head allows you to easily change between 16 specialized interchangeable viewing heads and contains a focusing ring. The rugged stainless steel body design is streamlined for superior balance and ease of use. VSS is a concept that eliminates the need for multiple cameras and optical couplers. Our symbiotic one camera/one coupler/one light source design is a premier building block system. It allows simple operation and cost control and reduced training time regardless of the medical specialties doing the remote diagnoses.

Cat. #69-2050 VSS Camera System

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