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  • ENT Scope Storage/Drying Cabinet

    The JEDMED wall mounted ENT scope storage/drying cabinet allows for ENT scopes to be vertically hung and dried in the same safe, efficient manner of scopes in other parts of your facility.  Designed specifically for ENT flexible scopes, and other small scopes, the cabinet features two high volume HEPA filtered intake fans which in conjunction with one exhaust fan, creates positive pressure airflow throughout the cabinet.  The drying time can easily be set with the adjustable timer.  Each ENT scope drying rack can hold up to six (6) scopes.

    • HEPA filter positive pressure with two high volume intake fans and one exhaust fan
    • Scope holders fit most common scope types
    • Holds up to six (6) ENT scopes
    • Glass paneled doors for easy viewing of scope inventory
    • Adjustable timer (10 to 180 minutes) for fan operation
    • Fans activate automatically upon closing of doors
    • 12 year limited warranty
    • Cabinet dimensions: 30"H x 24"W x 12"D
    • Four mounting points for easy wall placement
    • Made in the U.S.A.

    Cabinet will need to be hung in facility by qualified person.

    Cat. #99-3505 - ENT Scope Storage/Drying Cabinet

    Replacement HEPA Filter