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  • UV Smart D60

    Pending FDA Clearance

    Protect patients and staff with medical disinfection equipment based on UV technology.  The UV Smart D60 is smart disinfection of chanel-less ENT scopes in 60 seconds with a manual pre-cleaning using only water.  Proven, validated, and fully traceable - the D60 does it all!  The D60 frees up washer disinfector capacity for ENT scopes at the CSSD, reduces required inventory and damaged ENT scopes during transport, and increased patient turnover and prevents rescheduling due to ENT scope unavailability.  

    UV Smart is fully traceable with barcode and/or RFID for compliance control, outperforms washer disinfector; trialed and proven in clinical setting, and is compatible with major ENT scope brands.  

    The D60 records all reprocessing data.  When the D60 is set up as a stand alone device, all information can be extracted via a USB or viewed on the display.  Registration requirements are customizable to your facility's protocol for flexible integration.

    UV Smart Literature 

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