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    Modern vestibular diagnostic demands a high degree of precision in the search for spontaneous and provoked nystagmus.  In many cases, a correct diagnosis may only be achieved by using the complicated technology of electronystagmography (ENG).  The nystagmus glasses by Prof. Frenzel represent an easy to handle alternative.  The examination with patient's optical contact to its environment will be interrupted (elimination of the nystagmus-hindering fixation).  At the same time the highly illuminated eyes are easily observable under magnifying glasses.  By this, pathological nystagmus reaction is very often traceable when looking straight on, which without spectacles, even when looking sideways, is not clearly or not at all distinguishable.  

    Cat. #39-9150  (requires power source Cat. #39-9152)

    Portable Battery Power Source for Nystagmuspec
    Cat. #39-9152

    Head Strap Clip-on for Goggle, elastic
    Cat. #39-9153

    Replacement Clip-on cloth head strap
    Cat. #39-9154

    Replacement Bulb, 4 volt
    Cat. #39-9155