Rubinstein Retractors

The Rubinstein Retractors, 1 through 7, are the only surgical retractors which are designed to be used with the operating microscope. The 100° bend between the shaft and the shank keep the hand comfortably out of the light path of the microscope, assuring shadow-free vision. The handles are anatomically designed to decrease the incidence of cramping and fatigue during lengthy procedures. The contact ends of the retractors are serrated to prevent slipping from the cortical plate. The number 3 and 4 retractors are uniquely recessed to facilitate placement over significant structures such as the canine eminences, nasal spine, and mental foramen. The number 5 and 6 retractors have a gentle radius and provide for positive control when retracting against gradual contours in cortical bone. The Universal #7 retractor is suggested when a single maxillary or mandibular retractor is desired. The 20° blade angle allows the retractor to be used on either the left or the right sides of the maxillary or mandibular arch. In addition, the 20° angle easily keeps the hand out of the light path of the microscope eliminating any shadows.