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    The OMNISteth® features a single button for selecting the desired auscultation area on the body, which automatically adjusts the listening frequency range to the proper level.  This provides the most user-friendly experience available.  The adult and pediatric heads allow for the best sound representation among digital stethoscopes.

    Each OMNISteth® unit comes with the listening tubes and a 3.5mm audio output adaptor to allow for an easy connection in any environment.  The audio output adaptor can be used with headphones and connected to a cart or PC.  The OMNISteth® features a 1.5" screen for viewing phonocardiography, which is also captured when recording the auscultation.


    • AAA batteries
    • 8 hr battery life
    • 24x sound amplification
    • 25mm pediatric head and 40mm adult head
    • Bluetooth 4.0
    • Internal storage for up to 160 exams

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