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  • VELNEZ® Nasal Dressing

    VelNez® is a fragmentable composite nasal dressing that has a degradation period of approximately 3-5 days after application.  The pain and discomfort with traditional nasal packing removal is eliminated with VelNez® since removal is not necessary.  VelNez® also promotes healing and can reduce the clotting time.  VelNez® acts as a space occupying dressing, preventing adhesion by separating the compromised mucosal surfaces while still supporting vital tissue structures.  VelNez® is made of biocompatible, non-shellfish-based chitosan that comfortably fragments as it absorbs the surrounding fluids or blood.

    Key Features of VelNez®

    • Fragmentable composite nasal dressing
    • Made of non-shellfish based chitosan
    • Room temperature storage
    • Approximate 3-5 day fragmentation time
    • Fully trimmable
    • Helps achieve hemostasis faster

    Cat. #50-1060-5
    VelNez® 8cm x 2cm size/pk of 5

    Cat. #50-1050-5
    VelNez® 4cm x 2cm size/pk of 5

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