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  • GEIS 'General Examination & Inspection Camera'

    The GEIS 'General Exam & Inspection Camera' from JEDMED provides exceptional quality images in full 1080P HD resolution and brings telemedicine imagery to a whole new level.  The GEIS allows the operator to use the system with automatic or manual focus thereby providing clear and crisp images every time.  Accessories include the tongue depressor attachment for images of the oral cavity and the dermatology hood for exceptional images of the skin.  The General Exam Camera can be used in a wide range of applications where clear, precise & high-quality images are essential.

    The GEIS hand held camera produces beautiful (16:9) full HD images which can be viewed on any PC/Mac through a standard USB interface.  The GEIS camera is also the only camera worldwide with integrated patient isolation to meet the most stringent electrical safety tests.  Connectivity is simplified with UVC (Universal Video Class) USB connectivity.  No software drivers required!

    The GEIS Examination Camera includes the camera handpiece, USB cable, derm hood, tongue depressor adaptor, camera cradle, and foam lined carrying case.

    • Ergonomic Design
    • High Intensity Illumination
    • Adjustable Brightness
    • Auto or Manual Focus
    • Full 1080P 30f/s Resolution
    • USB Connection
    • Single Button Snap Shot

    Catalog #75-3000