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    The J-II Chair:
    The backrest and armrests move together for ultimate patient support. In the event of a faint patient, the chair can be reclined from either side more quickly than a motorized chair. The stationary footrest ring provides a stable base for the patient’s feet.

    The J-II Chair is available with either a manual pump base or a motorized lift base, both allowing 360° rotation with lock.

    Colors: Several designer colors are standard. Samples are available upon request.

    The J-II Chair backrest and armrests recline perfectly flat. The adjustable headrest is completely removable and the armrests can be lifted out of the way in the seated position.

    The J-II Chair also is available with the Quick Change Headrest option that allows for a multitude of quick, easy to swap headrest options.

    The manual base lifts from 19.5” to 27”
    The motorized base lifts from 20” to 28”

    Cat. #04-1550
    J-II Chair with manual pump base

    Cat. #04-1555
    J-II Chair with motorized base

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