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  • S-II Plus Mobile Fully Motorized Chair

    This full power exam chair is designed to meet the needs of a busy practice.  A convenient membrane switch located on each side of the chair allows you to easily maneuver the patient to the desired position.  With just the push of a button, the backrest, synchronized with the footrest portion of the chair reclines and can form a flat table.  In addition, an auto-return button is located on the switch panel which quickly returns the chair to a seated position.

    The S-II Plus Mobile also features the added benefit of being able to easily re-locate the chair for cleaning, move to a more convenient exam location, or transport to another exam room.  By simply depressing the foot lever located on the base of the chair, the S-II Plus becomes instantly mobile and allows the user to easily move the chair to another location.  Once the chair is in the desired location, simply raise the foot lever and the chair goes back to a stationary position.

    The S-II Plus Mobile Chair also is available with the Quick Change Headrest option that allows for a multitude of quick, easy to swap headrest options. 

    Note:  This chair is not designed as a mobile transport chair for patients

    Available in Licorice, Pomegranate, Shale, Portobello, Aloe, Grounded, Huron, Seville, Buttercup, Doe, Sprite, and Keystone. Approximate match only, to receive a color chart contact JEDMED.




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    Cat. #  04-1545-PM

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