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  • K2 Single Well Recharger for Welch Allyn®

    The K2 Single Well Recharger is designed to charge the 2.5V and 3.5V versions of the Welch Allyn® rechargeable otoscope handles.  This device can operate as a stand alone, table top recharger, or may be attached to a new or existing treatment cabinet.


    Cat # 03-6120

    K2 Recharger Base System (includes: unit, power supply, and mounting bracket)

    Cat. #03-6121

    K2 Recharger System w/Handle (includes: base system and Welch Allyn® handle)

    Cat. #03-6122

    K2 Recharger System Complete (includes: base system, Welch Allyn® handle, Welch Allyn® pneumatic head)