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  • Combo HD Video System II

    Combo HD Video System II
    HD Video System with integrated light source and still/video image capturing.

    The Combo HD Video System II incorporates our best HD single chip camera head with high intensity LED and integrated still image and video capturing capabilities.  This system is simple to control and produces excellent, high-definition images.  The platform has white balance, light intensity adjustments, and a built-in, user-friendly menu so you can customize the system to your individual needs.  In addition to the built in light source, the Combo HD II also includes integrated still image and video capturing which can easily be transferred on a USB hard drive.  Image and video capturing is easily done by depressing a button on the camera head, pushing a button on the control unit, or depressing a footswitch (not included).  All images and video are captured in High-Definition and can be easily put into a patient's electronic medical records.

    This system also includes a state-of-the-art anti-moire feature that will help to drastically reduce the "honeycomb" effect commonly seen on fiberoptic nasopharyngoscopes.  By simply depressing the "Flex" button on the front of the unit, you can drastically improve the image quality and detail of any image with a fiberoptic scope.

    The Combo HD Video System II includes a 28mm focusable video coupler that allows the attachment of any scope with a standard eyepiece.

    • HD Camera with Integrated LED light source
    • Built-In Still Image and Video Capturing
    • "Flex" feature reduces fiberscope honeycomb effect
    • Simple to operate
    • Automatic light control with manual override
    • 28mm focusable coupler

    Cat. # 70-6940-1