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    Crawford Intubation Sets

    Your trusted partner for the one and only Crawford Lacrimal Intubation set. Serving our customers for the last 40+ years and the next 40+ years. All Crawfords and instruments currently in stock and ready to ship

    The Crawford Lacrimal Intubation System is a simple procedure designed by the late J.S. Crawford, M.D., which speeds up the process of inserting a lacrimal stint with less trauma and tearing of wires, silicone medical grade tubing, and a specially designed hook.  The stainless steel wires have silver olive-shaped tips for grasping with the special hook and permit ease of extraction from the inferior meatus of the nose.  It is particularly helpful in those cases where repeated probings have failed.  (Useful in the reconstruction of the lacrimal outflow system and dacryocystorhinostomy.)

    The new style Crawford set incorporates a 6-0 silk thread in the lumen of the tubing.  This allows the tubes to be joined end-to-end in the nostril by tying the silk thread together after stripping the silicone off the distal ends.  The silk knots are small and will easily pass through the canaliculus enabling the surgeon to rotate the intubation tubing until the knot is visible in order to cut and remove it.  This allows the removal to be done in the office without the need for a second anesthetic.

    Crawford Lacrimal Intubation Set with suture

    Probe diameter .016"     Tubing diameter .025"

    Cat. #28-0184

    Crawford System Instructions For Use