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    Introducing the Classic CSC Series ENT Pediatric Treatment Cabinet.  JEDMED's pediatric cabinet is designed to protect your equipment from young patients and protect young patients from your equipment.  With superior low voltage design and modern style, the Classic CSC Pediatric Treatment Cabinet offers you the ultimate in selection of features and accessories to accommodate each office's concern. The CSC system puts convenient controls in sealed membrane switches, and adds a concealed power switch deterring the curious patients from operating the cabinet.  It can even power-off exam chairs, microscopes and other equipment if you wish.  Besides concealed and safe controls, the other features and options are at your fingertips, all with the durability everyone associates with JEDMED treatment cabinets.


    • Concealed low-voltage control box prevents children from accessing main power switch while remaining conveniently located for doctors and nurses
    • Drawer locks keep the contents of the treatment cabinet secure in the absence of doctors and nurses
    • Storage racks for spray medications allow bottles to be stored inside of the cabinet
    • Remote power module can be use to power down all equipment in the exam room using the main power button on the concealed control box

    Several color configurations are available to customized your pediatric cabinet.

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