Reclinable Chair - J-II

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The J-II Chair:
The backrest and armrests move together for ultimate patient support. In the event of a faint patient, the chair can be reclined from either side more quickly than a motorized chair. The stationary footrest ring provides a stable base for the patient’s feet.

The J-II Chair is available with either a manual pump base or a motorized lift base, both allowing 360° rotation with lock.

Colors: Several designer colors are standard. Samples are available upon request.

The J-II Chair backrest and armrests recline perfectly flat. The adjustable headrest is completely removable and the armrests can be lifted out of the way in the seated position.

The manual base lifts from 19.5” to 27”
The motorized base lifts from 20” to 28”

Cat. #04-1550
J-II Chair with manual pump base

Cat. #04-1555
J-II Chair with motorized base

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