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    Our VDC+ Accu Lum is a superior loupe system blending a durable and comfortable spring hinged aluminum frame with Accu Lum LED light & X-VIEW Optics.  This loupe frame is made from a durable lightweight aluminum with spring hinged arms for a comfortable and reliable fit.  The anodized finish will appear robust and modern for many years. 

    The Accu Lum high output LED has a CRI rating in the same range as sunlight.  Exclusive filter & lens system provides balanced illumination across the entire viewing field.

    X-VIEW viewing lenses are a blend of the same top quality German optics as used in surgical microscopes.

    Complete VDC+ kit includes:  frame with X-VIEW lens set, Accu Lum LED, Li-ion battery, charger, and protective case.

    Aluminum Spring Hinged Anodized Frames Available PD sizes are:

    Cat. #98-1800-P  28MM VDC+ Loupe System Accu Lum

    Cat. #98-1805-P  30MM VDC+ Loupe System Accu Lum

    Cat. #98-1815-P  32MM VDC+ Loupe System Accu Lum

    Cat. #98-1820-P  34MM VDC+ Loupe System Accu Lum

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