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  • Otoscope / Surface Scope Combination System

    The camera system is a combination of a new single-chip camera and an LED light source. This powerful light source provides ample light for otoscopic and dermatological examinations. The camera has simple functions for controlling the color balance, window size, and automatic gain control which can be useful for general examinations of the body. The camera is very easy to operate and utilizes an S-video output which is ideal for telemedicine applications.

    When using the scope for otoscopy, magnification and illumination are extremely important. The scope utilizes the latest in German optics and illumination technology to give you images that are sharp and well illuminated. The insufflator bulb provides the ability to perform pneumotoscopy while the specially designed nosepiece allows the use of either reusable or disposable specula.

    When utilizing the scope for surface images, the system provides crisp, clear images while providing a wide angle of view. The specially designed surface sleeve gives the user a stable base to rest the scope which allows the images to be centered more easily. Images are easily focused by turning the focus ring conveniently located on the body of the scope.