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    Diagnostic Otoscopes #23820, 3.5V halogen illumination with fiberoptic light transmission. This dual purpose instrument allows the practitioner to examine ears, then simply detach the otoscope head and have an instant high intensity throat illuminator. Wide angle viewing lens slides left or right for using instruments, or closes tightly for pneumatic otoscopy. The 39-7500 includes four polypropylene specula sizes 2.5, 3, 4 and 5mm.

    Cat. #39-7500

    Cat. #39-7515
    (Insufflator bulb, tube, and tip for 39-7510)

    Cat. #29-3345
    (Bulb, 3.5V halogen replacement for otoscopes 39-7500, 39-7510, 39-7600, and 39-7650.)