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    Surgical Stool with contour set is designed to promote a more ergonomic posture.  The stool height is foot operated hydraulic pump and has an adjustable seat height from 24” to 31.75”.  The design encourages the user to lean forward while keeping the spine in a more natural position and minimize pressure on the femoral arteries.  The adjustable back and armrests provide support to reduce stress on the shoulders and lumbar.

    Surgical Stool with hand operated adjustment from 24" to 31.75" seat height. 

    Cat. #04-4510
    Stool with no armrests or backrest

    Cat. #04-4511 
    Stool with backrest and no armrests

    Cat. #04-4515 
    Stool with 2 armrests and no backrest

    Cat. #04-4516
    Stool with 2 armrests and backrest

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