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    Featured JEDMED Products

    For more than 35 years, JEDMED Instrument Company has been supplying medical equipment for ENT, ophthalmology, dentistry, audiology, and facial plastic surgery professionals. Through committed research and innovation, we continue to provide an ever-expanding line of quality products to meet the needs of a diverse clientele.

    The equipment and instruments featured on this page are part of our advanced medical product line, which was developed through rigorous research and testing. To learn more about our featured products, please visit the pages below.

    ENT Exam Chairs

    JEDMED offers a complete line of ENT exam chairs, from modern full-power chairs to classic manual lift chairs. Each exam chair is designed to provide maximum support and comfort for patients.

    ENT Treatment Cabinets

    Our line of ENT treatment cabinets includes classic office models as well as modern designs fit for hospital and emergency room settings.

    Micro Stools

    JEDMED micro stools provide the comfort and ergonomic support needed for long, delicate office procedures.

    StroboCAM® II

    StroboCAM® II is JEDMED’s solution to the routine video needs of ENT practices. The camera’s cost-effective design incorporates the camera, light source platform, and digital DVD recording in one unit.

    Video Cameras

    An innovator in medical video cameras since 1979, JEDMED offers various video systems for ENT practices, including stand-alone cameras, cine-splitter beamsplitters, combination camera systems, all-in-one systems, video documentation systems, and specialty systems.


    Utilizing German engineering and craftsmanship, the V-Series microscope uses dual light sources and expertly honed optics to produce sharper images.


    JEDMED offers vacuum trephine units and corneal punch systems. The features of these systems increase the efficiency and accuracy of keratotomy and keratoplasty procedures.

    Crawford Intubation Sets

    Particularly helpful in cases where repeated probings have failed, the Crawford Lacrimal Intubation Sets allow for a simple procedure, which increases the speed of the process and reduces nasal floor trauma related to the insertion of lacrimal intubation tubing.

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    If you are interested in speaking with a JEDMED representative or would like more information about any of our featured products, please contact us today.

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