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    A wide range of accessories is available to customize your microscope. Accessories include articulating binoculars, video cameras, digital camera adaptors, counter balance couplings, manipulation handles, and much more.

    Microscope Handles

    Pistol Grip Handle for V-Series
    360° Articulating Handle for V-Series
    Sterilizable Dual Fixed Handle for V-Series
    T-type Handle for V-Series


    Inclinable Binocular
    Monocular and Binocular Observer Tubes
    45° Optical Wedge For Binoculars
    Rotatable Binocular Mount

    Video Adaptors

    Beamsplitter With Integrated Eyepiece
    Cine Adaptor

    Objective Lenses

    Fine Focus Objective Lens
    Fixed Objective Lens
    Objective Lens Rapid Changer