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  • 45° Auto Focus Portable Fundus Camera

    The Horus 45° camera is an easy-to-use handheld portable system that utilizes non-mydriatic technology to capture images of the fundus.

    This system incorporates auto focusing technology to help attain a crisp, clear image of the fundus easily and quickly.  The wide 45° field of view allows you to visualize a wider area than many other systems on the market.  In addition, the system includes 7 internal fixation points which help to aid the patient in ocular positioning.

    The Horus Scope's unique design and advanced technology allow it to capture images of the fundus much easier than previous portable systems.  Images captured are crisp and clear aiding in the early detection of eye diseases.

    This system incorporates High Definition (1080p) camera technology and offers video output to a monitor.  Still images and videos can also be captured with just the touch of a button and transferred and seamlessly to a laptop or PC for storage and review.

    Low initial investment and ease of use makes Horus Scope the ideal screening tool to increase referrals to your practice.  The Horus Scope is also an ideal system for Telemedicine applications where portability and ease-of-use are critical.