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Billeau Ear Loop

161mm length

size 1
2mm x 3mm wire loop
Cat. #31-0201

size 2
3mm x 5mm wire loop
Cat. #31-0202

size 3
4mm x 7mm wire loop
Cat. #31-0203


Storz B&L  N0410-1  N0410-2  N0410-3

Xomed  37-24055  37-24056  37-24057

Martin  36-554-01  36-554-02  36-554-03

V. Mueller  AU5610  AU5611  AU5612

Gyrus  55-0727  55-0260  55-0261

Jarit  380-227  380-226  380-225

Olympus 123001  123002  123003

K Storz  152801  152802  152803