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    The Phoenix IV Full Power Exam Chair was specifically designed with the Head & Neck specialist in mind.  The chair utilizes industrial strength motors, solid steel construction, and modern engineering to meet the demands of your busy practice.  The chair is designed to be comfortable for the patient yet functional for the physician.  From its conveniently located low voltage membrane switches, its powerful lift capabilities, and full mobility, the Phoenix IV Chair is designed to meet your specific needs.  The Phoenix IV Chair, designed in the USA, will provide you many years of trouble free service.

    The Fully Mobile capabilities of the NEW Phoenix IV Chair is STANDARD! 

    The Phoenix IV Chair is designed to be fully mobile by simply depressing the foot release located on the left side of the base.  The chair can easily be moved for cleaning, procedure room relocation, or for easier access to equipment.  It is not to be used for patient transport.

    The Phoenix IV Chair also is available with the Quick Change Headrest option that allows for a multitude of quick, easy to swap headrest options.

    Chair colors shown on screen are for approximate match only.  Please call JEDMED (314) 845-3770 or send an email request (info@jedmed.com) to receive a color chart for exact fabric match.

    Available in Licorice, Pomegranate, Shale, Portobello, Aloe, Grounded, Huron, Seville, Buttercup, Doe, Sprite, and Keystone.




    Cat. #04-1800

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