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    The Nex-Gen-HDoto is a High-Definition (1080p) video otoscope designed to provide extremely sharp and detailed images while also delivering unsurpassed durability and ease of use.

    HD Otoscopy

    The Nex-Gen-HDoto utilizes new technology by putting the camera sensor at the tip of the scope instead of the traditional camera head which puts the camera near the back of the scope. By doing this we are able to eliminate the camera sensor looking through glass or fiber optic and producing a very sharp image.


    By designing the scope with the camera sensor in the tip, we are able to eliminate the glass that is traditionally found in a video otoscope. This makes the Nex-Gen-HDoto extremely durable and is able to withstand accidental floor drops far better than previous scopes.

    Easy to Operate

    The Nex-Gen-HDoto is extremely easy to operate. The camera and light source are built into the otoscope head itself. Simply turn the power button on and it is ready to use. There are no adjustments needed on the camera. Everything is built in and adjusts automatically.

    Nex-Gen-HDoto Literature

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    Catalog #70-6980-1