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Laryngeal Instrument Set

Our Laryngeal Instrument Set consists of the following:

  • 42-8125     Chest Support for Adults, 9.5cm Ring, 35cm Rod
  • 42-8150-3  Laryngoscope Surgical Size 3, 181mm
  • 42-8150-5  Laryngoscope Surgical Size 5, 172mm
  • 42-8155-4  Laryngoscope Surgical Size 4, spreadable, 172mm
  • 42-8157-2  Light Carrier for Laryngoscope, sizes 3-6
  • 42-8182     Endoragard Teeth Protector, double sided, non-sterile
  • 42-8190     Kleinsasser Handle, angled
  • 42-8212-1  Sicke Knife, curved, 22cm working length, total length 25cm
  • 42-8214     Oval Knife, straight, 22cm working length
  • 42-8220     Golf Club Knife, 22cm working length
  • 42-8222-1  Hook, blunt, 90-degree, 22cm working length
  • 42-8224    Tier Knot, straight, 22cm working length
  • 42-8230    Suction Tube with Interruptor, angled, distal opening on top,                            2.0mm, 25cm
  • 42-8234     Injection Needle, bayonet 25cm
  • 42-8236-1  Forceps M-L, rotatable, round cups, curved up
  • 42-8236-2  Forceps M-L, rotatable, alligator, curved up
  • 42-8236-3  Forceps M-L, rotatable, triangle tip, curved up
  • 42-8236-4  Scissors M-L, rotatable, curved up
  • 42-8240-1  Forceps M-L, round cups, straight, 22cm
  • 42-8252-2  Forceps M-L, very delicate round cups, straight, 22cm
  • 42-8254-2  Forceps M-L, delicate, alligator jaw, straight, 22cm
  • 42-8256-2  Scissors M-L, delicate, straight, 22.5cm
  • 42-8262     Laryngeal Needle Holder with Ratchet, 22cm