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LED Adjustable Spot Headlight with Loupes

The MegaSpot 8000 with loupes utilizes the latest in Light-Emitting Diode technology to provide you powerful, long-lasting coaxial illumination. Unlike standard halogen bulbs, LEDs produce a very white light. This particular LED has an extraordinary lux of illumination, making the MegaSpot 8000 twice as bright as standard LEDs.

The MegaSpot 8000 loupes are made of high-density, lightweight synthetics to give you the magnification you need without the weight that is typically associated with loupes. These loupes have adjustments for pupillary distance to help maintain a stereoptic view. These loupes are available in 2.5X and 3.5X magnifications with a working distance of 340mm or 420mm.

The headlight is designed to be used with a portable battery pack which can clip to your belt or be placed in your coat pocket. The system comes complete with headlight, loupe, battery pack, charger, and carrying case.


Cat. #98-1688
MegaSpot 8000 Headlight with 3.5X/340mm loupe