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  • LED Adjustable Spot Headlight with Loupes

    The MegaSpot 8000 wireless headlight utilizes powerful LED technology to provide you long-lasting shadow free coaxial illumination.  The MegaSpot 8000 uses an LED lamp with a color temperature of 5000 degrees Kelvin giviing you superior color reproduction while the lightweight, head mounted Lithium Ion battery provides you many hours of uninterrupted use.  The headlight has an easily adjustable spot size from 20-80mm which helps provide sharp, shadow free illumination during an exam.  The Mega Spot 8000 includes a recharging docking station which can be wall or table mounted.  Also included is a convenient portable hard case so you may store or transport your headlight.

    The MegaSpot 8000 loupes are made of high-density, lightweight synthetics to give you the magnification you need without the weight that is typically associated with loupes. These loupes have adjustments for pupillary distance to help maintain a stereoptic view. These loupes are available in 2.5X and 3.5X magnifications with a working distance of 340mm or 420mm.


    Cat. #98-1688
    MegaSpot 8000 Headlight with 3.5X/340mm loupe