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    The MCAMHD is a high definition digital video camera integrated into a water proof aluminum housing, utilizing innovative user control.  The impressive image quality is packaged in an extraordinary design and customized for you.

    In the engineering of the MCAMHD camera, electronics were not simply packed into a housing.  Instead, we have embedded high advanced technology into a rugged and attractive form-fitting design.

    Tedious driver installations are now a thing of the past.  Integration is remarkably simple thanks to the UVC technology and a standard USB connection.  UVC technology enables use of the MCAMHD without driver installation.

    The MCAMHD+ utilizes an integrated LED light source which is controlled by the camera and compatible with all endoscopes.

    MCAMHD Digital Video Camera
    Cat. #70-5530

    MCAMHD+ Digital Video Camera with Integrated LED Light Source
    Cat. #70-5540

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