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  • Micro Stool - Hand Operated Adjustment with Memory Foam

    Micro Stools with hand operated adjustment from 18-1/2” to 26” seat height. Available standard, with one armrest, or two armrests. All three incorporate completely adjustable seat tilt and backrest position at a touch of a lever. Waterfall seat design relieves pressure on your femoral arteries and the lumbar support aids in correct posture.

    12 designer colors available - Licorice, Pomegranate, Shale, Portobello, Aloe, Grounded, Huron, Seville, Buttercup, Doe, Sprite, Keystone

    Fabric Color Chart available upon request.



    Cat. #04-4390
    standard no armrests

    Cat. #04-4393
    with one armrest

    Cat. #04-4395
    with two armrests

    Also available in short version.

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