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  • ORL Video Scope Tower with HDVP+ Console

    The ORL video scope tower with the HDVP+ box is designed to provide exceptional image quality and versatility in ENT exams.

    The tower features universal JEDMED video scope compatibility, which means that it can be used with various sizes of JEDMED video scopes, making it highly versatile and adaptable to different patient populations.

    The device is equipped with an internal storage system that allows you to record images and videos of the procedures being performed.  You can easily export the captured files to a USB drive for further analysis and sharing.

    The tower also has an HDMI output that allows you to connect it to a larger display for easy viewing of the captured images and videos.  It features a medical-grade touch screen monitor that is highly responsive and easy to use.

    The tower has a small footprint cart that is highly maneuverable, making it easy to move around the exam room.  The scope options available are 3.9mm and 2.9mm, both of which have an integrated LED for optimal illumination during exams.