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Post-Surgical Ear Dressing Kit

The Ear Dressing Kit is a complete dressing system prepackaged sterile and ready for use. The dressing is easily and quickly applied or removed. The professional design gives the patient a most comfortable dressing while affording maximum protection to the surgical area.

The kit has a hard shell cover with its own gauze fluff. A soft adhesive base allows the patient comfort while keeping the dressing in place. The shell is held in place by two straps which are easily adjusted by means of a VELCRO® brand fastener. A pre-cut Telfa® pad for the postauricular area is also included as well as a cartoon decal for use with children.

*This product may only be purchased by a licensed physician or medical facility.

Cat. #38-6000
Adult large ear dressing kit, box of 6 (5.5 in., 14cm)

Cat. #38-6010
Pediatric small ear dressing kit, box of 6 (4.5 in., 11.4cm)

Cat. #38-6015
Pediatric x-small ear dressing kit, box of 6 (3.5 in., 8.9cm)

Glasscock Ear dressing Kit