V-Series Microscope Floorstand

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Mobile floorstand microscopes are ideal for the practice which has occasional need to move the microscope to an alternative exam room. The steady compact stand is supported by large rubber casters with positive locks. The multi-articulating suspension arm provides a stable delivery of the optical base to the field. Use of this mobile stand system eliminates the cost of wall or ceiling preparation.

Standard Features Include:


Super bright cold light illuminator

High output fiberoptic light guide cable

Spring adjustable, counter balanced,
suspension arm

Five fold magnification changer
(factors of 0.4, 0.63, 1.0, 1.6, and 2.5)

Objective lens with fine focusing

Articulating binocular 0 – 210°

High eyepiont eyepieces
with diopter adjustments and locks

Bi-lateral adjustable maneuvering handle

Inclined 45° coupler

2-year limited warranty

V-Series Microscope Literature